Zodiac Polaris 9400 Sport 4WD Robotic Pool Cleaner

Zodiac Polaris 9400 Sport 4WD Robotic Pool Cleaner

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Description of Zodiac Polaris 9400 Sport 4WD Robotic in Ground Pool...

The Polaris 9400 robotic pool cleaner is a great investment for any pool owner who wishes for their pool to always be as clean and fresh as possible, without the time and hassle of having to actually clean it yourself manually. The Polaris 9400 model is a more high end pool cleaning device, giving buyers of this product incredible control, efficiency, and effectiveness when it comes to the cleaning of their in-ground pools. This robotic technology allows for the pool cleaning unit to move around the pool, led by a programmable computer that controls the robot and makes sure it doesn’t miss any areas of the pool surface. In order to let consumers know a bit more about this revolutionary new pool cleaning technology, some additional product features will now be introduced.

Unique Vacuum Technology

The vacuum technology utilized on the Polaris 9400 model is unlike many other pool cleaning vacuums available on today’s market. The patented vacuum system design, known as Vortex Vacuum Technology, serves to capture as much as four times the amount of debris than many other well known pool cleaning units. With this amount of debris retrieval, the efficiency and overall success of the Polaris 9400 far surpasses most of the competition.

Top Access Filter Canister

By having a top access oriented large filter canister implemented in the design of the Polaris 9400, this unit has roughly four times the overall capacity of many other comparable pool cleaning products. This is another feature which ultimately serves to increase the efficiency and functionality of the Polaris 9400, and yet another reason for why this unit is truly a premium pool cleaning device.

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Four Wheel Drive Technology

By utilizing four wheel drive functioning on the Polaris 9400, the overall power and rigidity of this machine moving through the water is increased dramatically. In this sense, if only two wheel drive were used on this product, this could potentially decrease both the durability and the efficiency of this product in terms of its ability to quickly and easily clean pool environments.

Versatile Surface Cleaning

This particular model of robotic pool cleaner is capable of cleaning virtually any different kind of pool surface, making it significantly more versatile than many other types of automated pool cleaning products. Some other pool cleaning devices are capable of cleaning only specific surfaces, which can become a significant drawback if a pool owner should want to re-surface their pool to a kind of material not supported by a different brand’s pool cleaner model.

Retail Pricing and Warranty

Available standard with a two year limited warranty, this product is backed by a guarantee that if it should fail due to manufacturer defect within two years, it can either be repaired or replaced at no additional cost to the customer. With a retail price of about 1,300 dollars, it helps to know that if problems, defects, or malfunctions should arise with your individual Polaris 9400 unit, the company will be there to either replace or repair it for you within the first two years of purchase.


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Whats in the Box

Product Features

Vortex Vacuum Technology captures more than four times the debris load of other cleaners Top access, large filter canister has four times the capacity of other similar cleaners 4WD technology cleans pool floor, walls and scrubs tile line with pleated scrubbing brush Cleans all pool surfaces, pools up to 50 ft. in length, 7 day programmable cleaning cycle Includes lift system and heavy duty matching transport caddy, 2 year limited warranty

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