Tips on How to Maintain a Pool

It is important that you know how to maintain a pool to ensure its excellent quality and cleanliness at all times. Considering the fact that your swimming pool needs consistent care and maintenance, you should keep in mind several tips that will help ensure the quality of your precious investment.

Primarily, pool water needs to be tested to keep the water sparkling, blue and clean. After quite some time, you will be able to understand your pool's nature, and there will be less frequent needs to perform tests. However, you should remember that water testing is still one of the most effective ways to understand the actual condition of the swimming pool's chemistry. Moreover, balanced water remains as a crucial component that can minimize the pool's normal staining, which is likely to occur in the interior finish. With balanced pH water levels, your pool is also likely to last for several years.

You should make it a point to observe the pool regularly and check for the water quality and appearance. Additionally, you may want to perform visual checks and inspect the normal filter level (PSI), presence of leaks, and absence of algae in the pool.

If you plan to vacuum the pool, you should be aware of important techniques before performing the procedure. For instance, you need to attach the head of the vacuum to a pole, and connect the swivel end of your vacuum hose to the head, which may be done after laying out the hose in a straight line on your deck.

Afterwards, take the pole before setting the vacuum head, as well as the attached hose in your swimming pool. At this point, you may continue feeding the rest of the vacuum hose in a slow manner until you are able to reach the pool's other end. Keep the hose near the water, and you must be able to view the water clearly in the hose. By doing so, you can determine if the hose is already filled with water and no air remains stuck inside. Then, lift the end in the skimmer mouth that is closest to the machine, and detach the basket. You also need to open the "flow control plate" and put the hose into place. After you have done this step, you may already start vacuuming thoroughly and slowly.

Aside from vacuuming the pool, you also need to brush it as frequently as possible. This method can help maintain the durability, quality and beauty of your pool. You may want to add a few other techniques in maintaining your pool. For instance, you should clean the pump, skimmer, and leaf canister regularly. Keep your tablets in the chlorinator and clean the Polaris net on a daily basis, as well as the finger screen.

Moreover, you should disassemble the DE filter annually, and make it a point to clean and check the grids. You need to detach the sand filter, and inspect for mud balls, calcification, or any other changes in its quality at least once each year. By applying all of these tips, you can ensure your pool's quality and beauty and preserve your investment.